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The Dream Center Gulf Coast is a local community-driven organization, designed to find and fill the needs of the people in Houston.  The DCGC has gone from being a mobile unit to being located on site in Greensoint, TX at Biscayne Apartments of Villa Serena, assisting people daily as we seek for a facility that meets all of our needs including:


  • Food Bank, Mobile Hunger Relief, After School Food Program for Children & Teens
  • Adopt-a-Block Outreach Programs
  • Medical Programs
  • Residential Rehabilitation Programs
  • Shelter for Victims of Human Trafficking
  • Transitional Housing
  • Homeless Shelter
  • Veterans Shelter/Assistance
  • Counseling
  • Basic Education
  • Summer Programs
  • Foster Care Intervention Programs

On April of 2016 Houston, Texas experienced what was the largest flood in history.  The DCGC showed up in Greenspoint, TX at Biscayne Apartments located at 17050 Imperial Valley Drive Houston, TX 77060 to help the community during the flood.  Greenspoint was one of the hardest hit areas of Houston during the flood last year.  The partnership of DCGC and Biscayne/Villa Serena Apartments began after DCGC hosted a Disaster Relief Outreach that served over 275 flood affected families in one day.  Over 60 volunteers were on hand from the DCGC, as well as many others from partner organizations such as, Somebody Cares, Holy Smokes Barbecue & 16 churches from the Greater Houston Area.  All provided much needed encouragement to flooded families by serving hot meals, praying with residents, and distributing water & basic necessities.

The DCGC is grateful to have the cooperation of the owners of Biscayne Apartments/Villa Serena Communities who have stepped in and allowed the DCGC to plant an onsite “Relief Outreach Center”.  The Center provides Biscayne with “on-site” services up to 20 hours a week, Outreach for the community and Sistered Apartment Properties every month.  DCGC partners with other Organizations, local churches and businesses to host large Outreaches every month the Community and surrounding areas of Greenspoint on the tennis courts at Biscayne.  Holly Renken who is the Founder/Director also lives on site and runs the day to day operations of the Organization while also offering weekly and monthly programs for the children of Biscayne and Sistered Properties.

The DCGC and Biscayne Apartments/Villa Serena partnered with Pastor Anthony Anderson and his wife, First Lady Mrs. Karen of Bridge of Life Ministries in March of 2017.  Bridge of Life Ministries holds Church services in the Clubhouse of Biscayne Apartments Sunday mornings at 10 AM and Bible Study Wednesdays at 7 PM.  DCGC and BOLM is currently looking for a facility in a centralized location in Greenspoint, TX to be able to offer our community more resources.  The need in Greensoint for an on-site Community Center is great.  We desire to build a food bank, after school food outreach programs for children and teens, mobile hunger relief programs, medial programs, counseling, job work force training/life skills training, parenting classes, Veterans programs, Residential Rehabilitation programs, Shelter for homeless, Shelter & Recovery for Victims of Human Trafficking.  Summer programs, Foster Care programs and more.

For more information of this project, please email:

Due to Hurricane Harvey, Greenspoint has been hit extremely hard!  Thousands of people have suffered a total loss due to all of the flooding.  Biscayne Apartments/Villa Serena Communities are currently flooded under water and are in need of IMMEDAITE DISASTER RELIEF and we cannot do this alone.  The DCGC is onsite and is needing help from our local community, leaders, churches, licensed counselors, business, organizations and our Country.


  • FORK LIFT and wood pallets
  • Large plastic tarps
  • Towels, sheets, linens, blankets
  • Diapers & Adult diapers
  • Baby food and other baby items
  • Non-Perishable foods
  • Toiletries & Hygiene bags
  • Female Hygiene products
  • Mattresses & bed frames
  • New and used furniture
  • Toys for children of all ages
  • Shoes, belts, purses, accessories

After going through the flood in April of 2016 and experiencing all that we did, the one thing that we take away from it all is that we will make it through this again.  This is a very heartbreaking and devastating time for the community of Houston because we were just able to begin to come up for a breath after the flood of 2016, and now Hurricane Harvey has destroyed all of what had been recovered and rebuilt….but WE KNOW that there is a great sense of unity in the hearts of the people in Houston and around the Country to come together in arms and build this city back up while loving it back to life.  Thank you to all of you who have already contacted the DCGC to help, Partner, donate, volunteer, support and more.  Once the storm clears, this is when the work begins and we will need all hands on deck helping our community clean up and recover from the wreckage.




Phone:  612-314-6559

Twitter:  @dreamcentergc

Instagram: @hollyjoyrenken